Top reasons to travel in New Zealand’s backyard: Paihia edition

Top reasons to travel in New Zealand’s backyard: Paihia edition | Swiss Chalet

Right now, one of the main reasons to travel around New Zealand instead of venturing off overseas is that it’s currently all we’re able to do due to COVID-19 travel restrictions. But don’t let that put a damper on your explorer spirits — there is so much to see and experience right here in our own backyard. Here are a few reasons why travelling locally and visiting Paihia, in particular, is such a great thing to do right now.

Support local

When we travel overseas, we take our money with us. But when we travel around New Zealand, we’re constantly supporting local businesses and Kiwi families. When you stay at a family-owned and operated motel, like Swiss Chalet, you’re supporting a team of Paihia locals to provide for their families. You can rest assured every local business owner still does a happy dance when someone books a room with them, or books a table at their cafe, or even rents a kayak down at the river!

Experience New Zealand in a way you wouldn’t usually

We get it. Everyone leads busy lives. If you’re city-based during the work week, you may not see too much more than the hustle and bustle of the city, and then the couch and television when you get home. Taking the time to travel around New Zealand opens your eyes to the different lifestyles across New Zealand. Take a four-hour drive from Auckland to Paihia, for example, and you’ll find something completely different to your usual walk up Queen Street. There’s still hustle and bustle, yes, but the vibe is so much more chill and relaxed. There’s adventure, nature, music events, markets, and so many different activities to experience — Paihia truly has something for everyone. We can guarantee you’ll pick up a real estate brochure while you’re here as you just won’t want to leave.

Immerse yourself in nature

Nature is good for the soul, and luckily for you, Paihia and its surrounding areas have plenty of it to offer. There are beaches galore, dolphin-watching expeditions, boat trips out to the hole in the rock, and Urupukapuka Island is just a ferry ride away. If you’re a bit of a walker, the Opua Forest Lookout Track is a walk not to be missed. Swiss Chalet’s Phil may even kindly drop you off at the start and you can walk the entire way back to Paihia — it’s a beautiful experience. Head out for a day trip to see the other gorgeous beaches the surrounding areas have to offer.

Winter wonderland — or winterless north!

We fondly refer to the Bay of Islands as the winterless north. It always seems to be several degrees warmer than other areas in New Zealand. While you’ll still need to rug up, we don’t stop the fun in Paihia just because it gets a bit chilly. Throw on a jacket and head out and about to experience all we have to offer!

To learn more about what Paihia has to offer, Phil and Maureen at the Swiss Chalet will be more than happy to discuss your options. Book a stay at the motel and the team can help you find the right activities to build a simply unforgettable experience in Paihia. Get in touch now


Posted by Swiss Chalet on June 03, 2020